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HRMEasy .. Executive Search

The complete system for recruiters and headhunters

HRMEasy Executive Search is designed for consultants and companies that works with headhunting, recruitment, outplacement etc. HRMEasy Executive Search lets you manage your clients, candidates and positions in a single, powerful system .. and gain complete control over your entire recruitment process.

HRMEasy includes tools for:

• Handling of customers and partners

• Managing recruitments and cases

• Organisation and structure of candidate data

• Archiving of documents and e-mails

• Statistics & Reporting

HRMEasy Executive Search streamlines workflows and enhances communication between clients, consultants and candidates.

Powerful technology

HRMEasy Executive Search is powered by IBM XWork, and works with both Mac and Windows computers.

Customers and partners

HRMEasy Executive Search includes basic CRM functionality, and keeps track of your customers and partners. Customer module includes a complete business register with search capabilities, history, journaling and activity management.

HRMEasy Search & Selection holder styr på kunder, stillinger, kandidater, sager, dokumenter...

HRMEasy Search & Selection keeps track of customers, positions, candidates cases, documents ...

HRMEasy Search & Selection works with both Mac and Windows computers ..

Recruitments and projects

With HRMEasy Executive Search lets you monitor and control the entire process. The system includes a number of dynamic lists that gives you very quick overview of all ongoing cases, seen from different perspectives.

You can through the systems lists of candidates, view and process candidates associated with the various cases.


There is direct access to candidate data, CV, etc. Consultants and researchers can easily evaluate and rate (red-yellow-green) the individual candidates. System status lists are updated automatically.


The system also offers "one click" search on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google, a powerfull tool when you work with many candidates.


Professional candidate database

HRMEasy Executive Search's candidate register gives you an unrivaled view of geography, preferences, age, qualifications, experience, etc. The system includes a complete master registry with advanced search options, journaling and activity management.


An electronic journal for each candidate makes it quick and easy to register skills, work experience, CV and add documents, notes, etc.


Registration of candidate data is done very easily, you can "pick" data directly from LinkedIn, transfer from your Outlook contacts, or with the optional recruitment module, candidates can register directly in the database via job advertisements on your website, job sites, LinkedIn and others.

Overblik og styring af rekrutteringer og sager ..
Kandidater bliver automatisk kategoriseret og søgbare ..

HRMEasy Executive Search offers a variety of powerfull search options. You can find suitable candidates through categorized lists, searches with multiple criteria and / or textsearch (including CV and documents).

Candidate followup

HRMEasy Executive Search includes tools for mass communication with candidates in your database.


You can via predefined email templates, communicate with candidates to be followed up on, for example. an email about whether they want to be available, or info about new positions.


HRMEasy automatically generates easily available statistics, giving you quick overview of resources and costs.

HRMEasy giver dig bl.a. hurtigt overblik over ansøgere  i mange dimensioner

Rules and obligations

The system can be set up to handle your company's rules and obligations. Candidates and clients can be locked in periods. so you don't accidentally contact candidates you have employed with customers.

Flexibility and competitive pricing !

HRMEasy is one of the most flexible HR systems at the market, and can easily be customized to fit to your individual needs.


Pricing from € 75,- per month.

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